Cafe working swiping card on mobile reader.

Lost or Stolen Cards

We've all had it...that sinking feeling of worry you get when you can't find your debit card or credit card, especially after banking hours. Worry no more! Whether you've simply misplaced your card or it has been stolen, you have control of your cards right at your fingertips.

Log in to myMBC or open your goMBC app. Select the account associated with the debit card in question, tap on Card Management, then select the appropriate card from the list. To lock and unlock your card, tap the green toggle switch to change the status of your card from Active to Inactive. If you lost your card or fear it may have been stolen, tap Report lost/stolen. You may also activate a new card from this screen by tapping Activate.
Don't have our goMBC app? Download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by searching “goMBC” or “Monticello Bank.”

For a lost or stolen mbc MasterCard®, simply contact the MBC Credit Card Group at 606.767.5740 or call Jack Henry Customer Support at (855) 293-2458 .