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Meet Our Mortgage Lenders

Whether you’re buying your first home or your dream home, we don’t think financing that home should be complicated or intimidating. That’s why our Mortgage Lenders are here to make it easy! Our lenders are friendly professionals who really know their way around financing a home and will walk you through the process step by step. All while giving you great rates at the same time!

Below you will find contact information for each of our Mortgage Lenders. Although they are listed by market, our lenders can assist you with your home financing needs anywhere in our region. Call or stop by today!
headshot of Willard Johnson

Willard Johnson, SEO

Albany Market
310 N Cross St
MLO# 762423

Debbie Brown headshot

Debbie Brown, VP

Albany Market
310 N Cross St
MLO# 1277924

Janet Pierce headshot

Janet Pierce, SEO

Bowling Green Market
1840 Cave Mill Rd
MLO# 762429

Melissa McClendon headshot

Melissa McClendon, SEO

Casey Co & Danville Markets
611 N Wallace Wilkinson Blvd
MLO# 929018

Amber Bowles headshot

Amber Bowles

Glasgow Market
1434 Happy Valley Rd
MLO# 650303

Eugene Enix headshot

Eugene Enix, SEO

Harlan Market
181 Finance St
MLO# 194434

Kevin Cavins headshot

Kevin Cavins, AVP

Harlan Market
102 E Mound St
MLO# 1836988

Steve Brinson headshot

Steve Brinson, SEO

Lexington & Nicholasville Markets
104 Springdale Dr
MLO# 509525

Kevin Rose headshot

Kevin Rose, VP

Monticello Market
28 Barnes Dr
MLO# 762433

headshot of Wendy Foster

Wendy Neal, VP

Monticello Market
28 Barnes Dr
MLO# 909755

Christin Matney headshot

Christin Matney, AVP

Russell Springs Market
2554 S Hwy 127
MLO# 762426

Belinda Hoover headshot

Belinda Hoover, AVP

Russell Springs Market
2554 S Hwy 127
MLO# 762419

Sheila Compton headshot

Sheila Compton, VP

Somerset Market
3653 S Hwy 27
MLO# 623040

Debbie Dungan headshot

Debbie Dungan, AVP

Somerset Market
475 E Hwy 80
MLO# 762414

photo of Amanda Beshears

Amanda Beshears

Somerset Market
475 E Hwy 80
MLO# 2229580