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Business Solutions

We offer a complete line-up of business solutions, including Cash Management - our NetTeller™ Commercial Online Banking service, merchant processing, eDeposit - our remote deposit capture service, and more! Let us help you solve your business financial needs today.

Cash Management - NetTeller™ Commercial Online Banking

Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to electronically deposit your employee payroll? Or maybe you want to offer your customers the option of paying you electronically? Our online Cash Management service may be just what you're looking for. Cash Management is our online banking system for businesses that provides the capability of performing “ACH” or electronic transactions. This system is perfect for businesses who want to electronically deposit their employees' pay or for deducting funds electronically from customers' accounts for recurring dues.

More Features:
  • View account balances
  • View account transactions and images
  • Transfer funds between your MBC accounts
  • Send wire transfers to anywhere in the United States
  • Issue stop payments
  • Download transactions into financial management software
  • Online Bill Pay
Positive Pay (Check)
With losses from fraud reaching well into the billions, fraud control is a major concern for businesses everywhere. With our fraud prevention service, Positive Pay, you can have confidence that only the checks you issue will be paid. Positive Pay is a free feature of Cash Management and allows you to have better control over check-items processing through your business checking account(s). Contact your local office to learn more about Positive Pay today!

Cash Management Fees:
  1. Tier 1: Free
    • Account viewing/funds transfer/multiple users/Bill Pay
  2.  Tier 2: $19.95/month
    • Includes Tier 1 plus ACH, wire transfers, and stop payment functions:
      • $25.00 per Stop Payment Issued
      • $10.00 per Outgoing Wire Transfer
      • No charge for Incoming Wire Transfers
Call or stop by for more information on our Cash Management service or download a Cash Management application (PDF).  

Merchant Processing

In today's marketplace, accepting electronic payments is a necessity! Your customers are looking for an easy, convenient and secure way to shop with you and we can help!

Through our partnership with FIS, we are able to offer a comprehensive Merchant Services Program powered by one of the top payment processors in the nation. You'll benefit from more than 40 years' experience in providing payment solutions for merchants while still taking advantage of the same financial services you know and trust today.

Merchant Services Benefits:
  • Full suite of products
    • All Major Credit Card Acceptance
    • Both Signature and PIN Debit Card Acceptance
    • Electronic Benefit Transfer
    • Customizable Gift Card Program
    • Electronic Check Acceptance
    • Data Security Solutions
  • Online back-office management
  • Fast settlement funding
  • The latest in secure processing technology
  • Commitment to excellent customer service
Call or stop by for more information about our Merchant Processing service. 


Monticello Banking Company's eDeposit is a free remote deposit service that provides businesses with the ability to deposit checks without coming to the bank. eDeposit was designed to help you improve your business operations by depositing your checks without leaving your desk. eDeposit will help your business by reducing transportation costs, improving productivity, reducing risks and improving availability of funds.

A small desktop check scanner is used to scan all checks that you receive, including consumer checks, commercial checks, cashier's checks and money orders. As long as the checks are scanned and submitted prior to our extended eDeposit deadline (6:00 pm ET), the checks will be deposited to your account that evening!

Benefits of eDeposit:
  • Deposit checks right from your desktop (extended deposit deadline of 6:00 pm ET).
  • Eliminates the cost and liability of regular trips to the bank.
  • Speeds up the availability of funds and improves cash flow. Fewer NSFs.
  • Automates the process of creating deposit tickets. Improves posting accuracy.
  • Reduces the risk of fraud. Assures deposits are being made daily.
Call or stop by for more information on our eDeposit service. 

Business Leasing

For many businesses, tax advantages alone make it smarter to lease than to buy. For your business, there may be an even bigger benefit: our leasing program lets you acquire, use and upgrade the ongoing equipment and asset resources your business needs to operate competitively, without requiring a large cash outlay to purchase fixed assets. In short, you enjoy the benefits of ownership, without the upfront expense.

The Benefits of Leasing:
  • 100% Financing, Zero Down
  • Preserve your cash and credit
  • Lower payments
  • Asset flexibility
  • Inflation hedge
  • Tax and bookkeeping advantages
  • Fast turnaround
  • More for your money
Call or stop by for more information on Business Leasing.