Monticello Banking Company

IRONKEY, THE WORLD’S MOST SECURE FLASH DRIVE is now available for Monticello Banking Company online customers.  The IronKey USB drive is loaded with a secure Internet browser that protects your online banking session with military-grade encryption.  IronKey’s private browser shields you from malware, key loggers and other possible threats allowing you to access your confidential banking transactions in a locked-down secure environment.

What is IronKey?
The IronKey is a USB flash drive built with strong AES 256-bit hardware encryption.  Its rugged metal casing protects it against physical damage, and the internal components are sealed to protect against tampering.  Plug the IronKey into your computer and launch the secure browsing session to login to our online banking system with IronKey’s advanced encryption technology.

How does IronKey work?
Once you plug the IronKey into your USB port a login screen is activated prompting for the correct password.  No one can access the key unless they authenticate with the correct password.  After entering the correct password you’ll then have access to launch an encrypted Mozilla Firefox session pre-configured for logging into our online banking system.

Protection for our commercial banking clients
Preventing any form of fraud is a major priority for any business.  Those who conduct business transactions online are especially aware of the threats that exist for electronic intrusions.  Our commercial online banking system is customized to require IronKey access, which enhances our clients’ security while performing highly sensitive business transactions.  Whether you are processing ACH payments or performing wire transfers, the IronKey provides a highly secured online banking experience unlike anything else in the industry.

Protection for our basic online banking customers
Our online banking system gives our customers the ability to do a variety of banking transactions directly over the Internet.  With this convenience also comes the concern of protecting your confidential information and transactions.  IronKey’s specially designed USB key is engineered with the distinct purpose of keeping you protected while you perform your online banking transactions.  Whether you are paying bills online, making funds transfers, or reviewing your account history, IronKey protects your private information.

Protection against the latest online threats
With the constant barrage of new online threats it can be a challenge to stay protected.  IronKey is designed to withstand the latest hacking techniques.  The IronKey’s secure browsing session is designed to protect against the most sophisticated threats, including; “man-in-the middle”, “man-in-browser”, and other malware or DNS attacks.  IronKey also encrypts any input from the keyboard to prevent “key logger” threats that would allow hackers to steal your login credentials or other sensitive information.  These threats and others are thwarted by IronKey’s advanced design and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions Who can use an MBC IronKey?
Any MBC customer who uses our online banking system.

Can I do normal Internet browsing with the IronKey?
No, users can only navigate to Monticello Banking Company’s online banking system.

Is there a monthly fee for IronKey?
Yes, the fee is $9.95 per month which will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

Is there a one-time fee to purchase the IronKey?
No, there is no one-time fee unless the key is lost or stolen.  (See following question)

What is the replacement fee for a lost or stolen IronKey?
 If the device cannot be recovered a fee of $200 will be required to replace it.

What happens if my IronKey is lost or stolen?
Call us toll free immediately at 1-877-253-5981 to report the device lost or stolen.

What if I forget my password?
Call us toll free at 1-877-253-5981.

How do I obtain an IronKey?
Call us toll free at 1-877-253-5981