Financial Management for the Corporation
We Offer a Variety of Corporate Services

Trustee for Employee Benefit Program
As trustee for Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, we work very closely with the plan administrator, even though our major function and responsibility is the management of the funds deposited with us. Those funds are managed prudently to assure that the pensions will be paid, and/or that funds set aside from the company’s profits will be distributed to the participants when due.
Custodian or Investment Manager
We offer the same services to corporations that we offer to individuals. In addition to normal investment management services, we offer corporations complete cash management assistance. We work with appropriate company personnel to determine cash flow needs, and recommend an investment program that fits with that determination.
Trustee for Thrift and Employee Savings Plans
As trustee under an agreement for a corporation’s Thrift or Employee Savings Plans, we act as an agent to hold assets of the trust for the benefit of the participants. Under such a plan, we receive payments to the funds, purchase securities, maintain custody of cash, securities and records, and, under terms of the plan, make distribution of cash and/or securities to the beneficiaries.
Trustee of Business Insurance Plans
A corporation may purchase insurance on the lives of its officers, employees or other key people, and make those policies payable to us as trustees. A trust agreement would set forth what is to be done with the assets upon the death of the insured, or the maturity of the policies. Such arrangements are particularly appropriate in buy-sell agreements among the owners of a business.
Miscellaneous Arrangements
From time to time in business transactions, the services of a third party are required. In these instances, we are prepared to provide such services through the necessary agency, depository or trustee arrangement.
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Our Financial Management services are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed and may lose value.
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