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Our team of experienced financial experts is available to assist you with managing your finances. We have services to benefit you, your family or your business. We offer a variety of services for investments, retirement planning, estate planning, trusts as well as corporate needs.

Please call us at 606-451-0388 to discuss how we can help you.
Scott Broyles, Trust Manager, VP
For the Individual
• Custodian
• Investment Manager
• Pre-Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning examines all the sources of income available at retirement such as Social Security benefits, retirement plan benefits and personal assets.
• Estate Planning
• Executor of Will
• Administrator in the Absence of a Will
• Trustee Under a Will
• Co-Executor and Co-Trustee
• The Living Trust
• Revocable
• Irrevocable
• Life Insurance Trusts
• Guardian
For the Corporation
As trustee for Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, we work very closely with the plan administrator, even though our major function and responsibility is the management of the funds deposited with us.
We offer the same services to corporations that we offer to individuals. In addition to normal investment management services, we offer corporations complete cash management assistance.
As trustee under an agreement for a corporation’s Thrift or Employee Savings Plans, we act as an agent to hold assets of the trust for the benefit of the participants.
A corporation may purchase insurance on the lives of its officers, employees or other key people, and make those policies payable to us as trustees.
From time to time in business transactions, the services of a third party are required. In these instances, we are prepared to provide such services through the necessary agency, depository or trustee arrangement.
Please call 606-451-0388 for more information.
Our Financial Management services are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed and may lose value.
Wealth Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Management
Trust Services
  For the Corporation


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