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What is eDeposit?

Monticello Banking Company now offers eDeposit, a remote deposit service that provides businesses the ability to deposit checks without coming to the bank.  eDeposit was designed to help you improve your business operations by depositing your checks without leaving your desk.  With eDeposit you will reduce transportation costs, enhance productivity, lower risks and improve availability of funds.  These are just a few ways that eDeposit will help your business.

How does it work?

A small desktop check scanner will be installed at your place of business and will be connected to a computer that has high speed internet access.  The scanner will be used to scan all checks that you receive including consumer checks, commercial checks, cashier's checks and money orders.  These checks can be scanned at anytime throughout the day.  As long as the checks are scanned and submitted prior to our extended eDeposit deadline then the checks will be deposited to your account that evening. 

At the end of the day the system automatically generates a file that contains all of the check images for that day.  The bank receives the file and processes it for deposit to your account.  A single deposit will be made into your account for all items scanned that day.

What are the features?
• A check scanner installed at your place of business
• Access to the eDeposit website to administer, monitor and pull reports on items scanned
• Customer support
• An extended deposit deadline
• Same day deposit for checks scanned prior to eDeposit deadline
What are the benefits of depositing checks at your desk?
• Deposit checks throughout the day at your convenience
• Consolidate banking relationships
What are the benefits of eliminating the need to take checks to the bank?

• Reduce transportation costs
• Enhance productivity
• Lower the risks of accident during transport

What are the benefits of an extended deposit deadline?
• More time to receive checks and deposit the same day
• Less stress over getting to the bank at an inconvenient time
• Improve availability of funds
• Less time holding onto checks before depositing them
What are the minimum system requirements?
• High Speed Internet connection            
• 512 MB RAM
• 1.5 GB of available hard-disk space      
• Windows XP with Service Pack 3
• Current Critical Windows updates         
• .NET 1.1 Framework with Service Pack 1
• Available USB 2.0 Port                        
• Internet Explorer 7 (or greater)
• 1.2 GHz Processor (or greater)
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