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"A powerful money management tool"
Managing a successful business can be a challenging task. In order for your business to succeed you must be a step ahead of the competition. Finding ways to gain the advantage can be very elusive. However, efficiently managing your finances can be that extra edge needed to put your business ahead of the pack. That's where we come in. Monticello Banking Company offers NetTeller™ Cash Management, a powerful money management tool that will give you more direct control over your funds.

"Effectively monitor and move your money"

With NetTeller™ Cash Management, you'll have the flexibility you need to effectively monitor and move your money. Jobs that once took hours could easily be done in minutes using this secure and convenient Internet banking service. NetTeller™ Cash Management is specifically designed for any business whether small or large. This service will give businesses quick access to complete ongoing tasks such as, account reconciliation, employee payroll, customer bill collection, and payments to vendors.

"A logical choice for any business"

Whether your business has five or five hundred employees, NetTeller™ Cash Management is right for you. Offering simplicity, flexibility, security, accessibility and affordability makes this service a logical choice for any business of any size. By signing up for NetTeller™ Cash Management, you're sure to see real and immediate results that will help your business to be a success.

Cash Management Features

Monitor Funds
Monitor important bank account information, such as; balances, transaction details, check images and statements.
Transfer Funds
Transfer funds between your Monticello Bank accounts
Pay Bills Online
Pay any company or individual in the U.S.
Process Employee Payroll
By combining Internet banking and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) services we're able to provide you with a quick and easy way to process your employee payroll electronically.
Customer Bill Payments
By combining Internet banking and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) services we're able to provide you with a quick and easy way to process your customer bill payments electronically.
Create user profiles
Allows you to create user logins for other employees that you wish to give access too
Issue Stop Payments
Issue Stop Payment while logged into Cash Management.
Download Transactions
We offer several formats for downloading transactions including, Quicken, Quick Books and Microsoft Money.
Online Wire Transfers
Issue Wire Transfers while logged into Cash Management

Cash Management Fees

Monthly Fee:
Outgoing Wire Transfer
$10.00 each
Stop Payment:
$20.00 each

Click here to apply now for Cash Management (PDF)

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