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Consider Leasing for your Business




The Benefits of Ownership


For many businesses, tax advantages alone make it smarter to lease than to buy. For your business, there may be an even bigger benefit: our leasing program lets you acquire, use and upgrade the ongoing equipment and asset resources your business needs to operate competitively, without requiring a large cash outlay to purchase fixed assets. In short, you enjoy the benefits of ownership, without the upfront expense.


100% Financing, Zero Down

Leasing lets you maximize your investment leverage by incorporating soft costs, such as shipping and installation, into the terms of your lease.


Preserve Your Cash and Credit

Leasing is a prudent way to conserve capital while acquiring the benefits of new equipment. Additionally, leasing does not tie up your line of credit, so you have capital available to allocate to other areas such as personnel, inventory or advertising.
Lower Payments
Lease payments are generally lower than purchase payments, simply because you don't finance the entire cost of what you're leasing. In fact, it's possible to lease better equipment than you can afford to own. At the end of your lease, your payments stop, and the asset is ours - so you're no longer responsible for any remaining trade-in, equity or residual value.
Asset Flexibility
As an alternative, at the end of your lease, you may choose to purchase the equipment or continue to lease. In fact, even before the end of the lease term, our leasing program allows you to add to or upgrade current equipment with new technology and flexible leasing terms.
Inflation Hedge
Lease payments are fixed for the term of the lease contract. For many businesses this benefit also simplifies budget forecasting, allowing you to accurately project operating budgets now and in the future.
Tax and Bookkeeping Advantages
Leasing unburdens your balance sheet of depreciation schedules and costs. Lease payments are 100% tax deductible as operating expenses.
Fast Turnaround
Enjoy our prompt, professional, personalized and responsive loan service. As your chosen leasing provider, we're committed to providing you fast and flexible loan decisions.
More for Your Money
Put the power of leasing to work for you. Arm your business with the resources you need to take full advantage of business opportunities as they arise.
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